Hi there! Thanks for stopping by at Lite Goodies. My name is Camila Picolli, I am a 31-years-old-brazilian-advertiser living in Seattle and I am a “healthy recipes enthusiast”! I love cooking and I also love photography, so I decided to create this blog to share my easy low calorie recipes with you.

I grew up in Porto Alegre, a city in south Brazil, in a family that had always been worried about eating well and maintaining ideal body weight. Since I was a child I learned that eating whole grains, fruits, vegetables and light meals could result in a super healthy (and beautiful) body.  Yes, I do have cravings and I do love candies … but I try to balance my indulgences with light healthy meals. On the top of that, I have always loved doing exercises, specially running. For all these things I consider myself a healthy-habits-person.

In the beginning of 2011 my husband and I moved to Seattle. Since then, I’ve been cooking lots of  easy low calorie recipes, risking new ingredients and learning that cooking quick healthy meals is easy, fun and guilt-free! My husband loves my healthy food and it inspires me a lot. I always cook for us with pleasure and love.

If you are looking for quick healthy meals recipes, Lite Goodies is the right place. Here I’m gonna share my easy low calorie recipes a little bit about my healthy-habits-life. I hope I can inspire you and encourage you to incorporate good eating habits into your life. Welcome!


3 Thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. margareth picolli on July 13, 2013 at 6:14 am said:

    Mila o blog esta lindo, acho que depois podes transformá-lo em livro, beijos mami!

  2. Alessandra Mesquita Moro on July 30, 2013 at 7:37 pm said:

    Camis, está lindo mesmo!!
    Fácil de usar, rápido e com receitinhas novas maravilhosas!
    Adorei! bjs

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