Green Juice Recipe

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Green Juice Recipe - Kale and Ginger

This Green Juice Recipe is great for detoxing when you are feeling bloating or after weekends and holidays, when people usually overeat. Kale’s main benefit is its high concentration of fiber, antioxidant vitamins (A, C, K) and sulphur. Ginger is digestion-friendly and it boosts metabolism, which is great for weight loss. Both together are perfect and will make you fell better quickly ;).  To bring sweetness to this drink, I like to use Lemon flavored Zero VitaminWater: it is calories-free, do not contain artificial sweetener and its color comes from natural fruits and vegetables, but not enough to bring calories, only the color itself. I love VitaminWater, specially the Zero version, because is not loaded with sugar. Note: You should have this product in addition to your water consumption (because nothing replaces water), but its a good option when you are craving soda … I am ashamed to tell you, but I do crave soda!

Serve 2 portions

Green Juice Recipe – Ingredients:

1 bottle VitaminWater – Zero and Lemon Flavored
1 cup kale
2 inches Fresh Ginger Root, diced

Green Juice Recipe - Kale and Ginger

Green Juice Recipe – Directions:

In a juicer or blender (I don’t have a juicer) process the 3 ingredients together, until smooth. Drink immediately.

Green Juice - Kale and Ginger

Green Juice Recipe - Kale and Ginger

Green Juice Recipe - Kale and Ginger

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