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Week Favorites - Coconut Oil Benefits

This week the Lite Goodies “star” is the Coconut Oil. I am in love with it!! The raw cold press coconut oil (virgin and organic) is amazing for your health.

You can learn some of its benefits in this great informative video

Usually I buy Coconut Oil at Trader Joes (it’s $5,99). The label doesn’t have enough information, but I’ve researched a lot and Trader Joe’s Coconut Oil is exactly the kind we want: raw, cold press, extra-virgin and organic.

Week Favorites - Coconut Oil - Trader Joe's

As suggested in the video above, I am replacing other oils with coconut oil when I cook. However, as I don’t use that much oil in my recipes, I am also taking 1 tablespoon in the morning. It really makes me feel less hungry all day long. Anyway, if you want a recipe using this amazing ingredient, these chocolate fudges look delicious.

Week Favorites - Coconut Oil - Recipe

The Philippines is the  biggest coconut producer in the world. One extra reason to visit this beautiful country. Look at this place! Can I go now?

Week Favorites - Coconut Oil - Philippines Biggest Producer

Do you wanna learn more about the coconut oil benefits? This website has many interesting information and reviews (I love reviews!!).

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