Tuna & Vegetables Layered Sandwich Recipe

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Tuna & Vegetables Sandwich Recipe
This Tuna & Vegetables Layered Sandwich is a recipe my mom and my daddy often prepared when I was a child in Brazil. During the summer the whole family used to spend all day at the beach …so my parents prepared these sandwiches for us to have the energy to play for many and many hours. It is delicious, full of nutrients, super healthy and an amazing alternative when you don’t have the time to eat a full meal. It contains 3 kinds of veggies, a lean protein (from tuna) and healthy carbs (from whole grain bread).

If you are seeking a healthy brown bag lunch idea, you’ve already found it! Because the vegetables are prepared as purees, the sandwich gets even better after a couple days in the fridge… it gets moist and full of flavor! So, go ahead and prepare many of them in advance … you’re not gonna regret it. You can always replace some ingredients (like substitute the tuna with chicken or substitute a vegetable with another option), but this is my favorite version!

Note about the bread: The recipe asks for 5 bread slices per sandwich. Considering a regular whole grain bread slice contains 100kcal, the sandwich would start in 500kcal. That’s why I’ve chosen a reduced-calorie multi-grain bread version, with 45kcal per slice (Sara Lee).

Serve 2 (huge) sandwiches 

Tuna & Vegetables Layered Sandwich – Ingredients:

10 slices reduced-calorie multi-grain bread
3 large carrots –  peeled and cut in small pieces
1 bunch spinach leaves – washed
3 beets –  peeled and cut in small pieces
1/2 cup reduced fat mayonnaise
1 can tuna
3 1/2 teaspoons vinegar
Salt to taste
Water – sufficient to cover vegetables in the pan

Carrots, Beets and Spinach

Tuna & Light Mayo

Tuna & Vegetables Layered Sandwich – How to Prepare:

The vegetables preparation is the most “tough” part. Remember: you want them to be soft. Since vegetables have different requirements (and you need 3 different layers), boil each one separately, repeating the instructions each time. Start cooking beets, then carrots and spinach.

Bring the water to a boil. Use as little water as possible, you want your vegetables to be barely covered when you add them to the pan, to minimize nutrient loss. Cook each one covered, until soft (the beets may take 20 minutes, carrots 10min and spinach 5min). Try testing them with a fork. Drain well and use a blender to prepare the purees.

Add the veggie to the blender with 1/2 teaspoon vinegar and salt to taste (just a little bit). Beat it until you have a puree. Set aside.

Spinach Puree

When ready you’re gonna have around 1/2 cup of each vegetable puree. Divide them in two portions, half for each sandwich.

Tuna & Vegetables Sandwich Recipe

Mix the tuna with 1/4 cup reduced fat mayonnaise (save the 1/4 cup mayo for spreading), divide it in two portions, half for each sandwich. Start setting up the subs. Spread mayo and beets puree over a slice of bread. The layer can be thick, don’t be shy!

Tuna & Vegetables Sandwich Recipe

Top it with 1 bread slice and then spread mayo and carrots puree over it.

Tuna & Vegetables Sandwich Recipe

Top with another bread slice and spread tuna & mayo mix over it.

Tuna & Vegetables Sandwich Recipe

Top it with 1 bread slice and then spread mayo and spinach puree over it. Top with the remaining bread slice.

Tuna & Vegetables Sandwich Recipe

Wrap sandwiches with plastic food wrap and put them in the fridge for at least 1 hour. Remember, they will get even better after a couple days :).

Tuna & Vegetables Sandwich Recipe

My husband loved it! When I told my family in Brazil that I was gonna prepare these sandwiches for my blog, they all started craving it.

Tuna & Vegetables Sandwich Recipe

Tuna & Vegetables Sandwich Recipe

Tuna & Vegetables Sandwich Recipe

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