Homemade Ice Pops – Strawberry and Chocolate Layered

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Homemade Icen Pops Recipe

I know, I know…  summer is almost over. But it still has one month left … so I decided to bring this summer to a perfect end preparing these Homemade Ice Pops Strawberry and Chocolate Layered!

While I was preparing my ice pops, I remembered a lot when I was a child in Brazil. During the summer, my parents used to make homemade ice pops and I always loved it! My sister and I couldn’t help ourselves to wait until it was frozen. This time was exactly the same: I checked every 30 minutes to know if it was ready :P.

This Homemade Ice Pops Recipe is low-calorie, fat-free, gluten-free and lactose-free. Do I have to say that it is super healthy?

serve 6 ice pops

Homemade Ice Pops Strawberry and Chocolate Layered – Ingredients:

For ice pops base misture
1 cup almond milk
1 sliced banana
2 tsp vanilla extract
1/3 cup unsweetened apple sauce

For ice pops flavoring
1 cup fresh strawberries
2 tbsp unsweetened all natural cocoa

Ps: You’ll also gonna need ice pops molds.

Homemade Icen Pops Recipe

Homemade Ice Pops Strawberry Chocolate Layered – How to prepare:

In a blender mix together  the first 4 ingredients until truly combined. Now you have  what I call “base mixture”. Separate this base mixture in 2 equal parts, it will be used to prepare both strawberry and chocolate layers.

Homemade Ice Pops Recipe

Homemade Ice Pops Recipe

Take one part of the mixture and, using a blender, mix it with strawberries until truly combined.

Homemade Ice Pops Recipe

Homemade Ice Pops Recipe

Your strawberry layer mixture is ready. Now you’re gonna fill 6 ice pops molds with this mixture. In order to leave room for the chocolate layer, you’ll  fill just 2/3 of each mold with strawberry mixture.

Homemade Ice Pops Recipe

Let it in the freezer for about 1 hour. While you wait, you can prepare the chocolate layer, blending the remaining base mixture with cocoa.

Homemade Ice Pops Recipe

Strawberry layer will not be totally frozen after 1 hour , but it will be ready to receive chocolate mixture (without mixing together the two layers).Fill the remaining 1/3 of each ice pop mold with chocolate mixture and let it in the freezer for about 5 hours or over night.

Homemade Icen Pops Recipe-8

It will be delicious! I confess that I prefer the chocolate layer … it was more creamy than the strawberry one, probably because strawberry contains lots of water (around 90%).

You can also try other flavors … just keep the base mixture and add different ingredients. I think that adding 1 or 2 extra bananas and a little bit of honey to the base mixture would be delicious. You can also add shredded coconut and coconut flour to make a amazing coconut ice pop. Banana and Dulce de Leche sounds yummy for me too. Ok … I’m gonna stop! I’m starting some ice pop craving and I don’t  have any leftover ;).

Enjoy your last month of summer!

Homemade Ice Pops Recipe

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  1. Those look so good! And healthy, too! Your pictures are really eye-popping :-)

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